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My name is Wayne Robinson and I'm a web applications developer from Queensland, Australia. In August 2005 I discovered Ruby on Rails and instantly fell in love. From that point forward, Ruby on Rails has been my language of choice for new projects however, I still use PHP to maintain some legacy applications.



  • AllMyFunds Technology

    AllMyFunds is a web application that provides low-touch scalable superannuation advice, modelling, reporting and call centre solutions.

    The company knows what it means to have a solution that is sustainable to deliver your value proposition to assist financial services practices, that provides advice to all members who pay fees, through a low-touch integrated solution, and provides mass generated advice to clients using uncomplicated technology.


  • BillDeck

    A billing portal platform designed specifically to give SME’s the same billing tools generally only available to large corporations. With a planned launch date in Q1 2013, BillDeck provides hands-off invoice & statement distribution, payment reminder notifications and context-sensitive billing support communication in a variety of formats.


  • Xeroizer Library

    An open-source ruby library/Rails plugin that makes accessing Xero's developer API much simpler.